Sharp Business Growth

My Business Is Working, Now What (Advice for CEOs)

August 10, 2021 Episode 8
Sharp Business Growth
My Business Is Working, Now What (Advice for CEOs)
Show Notes

#08 You’re a CEO, your business is growing, you’re finally starting to get some tasks off your plate to free up some time, and you’re finally beginning to experience freedom for the first time in your business.

Now what? Did you just delegate your purpose? Does the business need you anymore? Has your team figured out you’re unnecessary yet?

We’ve seen tons of business leaders get stuck here. Typically they don’t even let these thoughts settle in before they’re back at it grinding away in the business.

To the CEO it’s keeping busy. To their team, it’s micromanaging, meddling, and annoying. 

Your team needs you to do bigger things. And that’s what we’re talking about today.

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